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Adam Szefler

He was born in 1990 and from the early age has shown interest in cooking. At the beginning he simply observed the grandparents preparing home-made dishes and then, in 2006, he made a decision to enrol in the Complex of Culinary Schools in Poznan. From the very beginning, Adam focused not only on the knowledge and skills acquired during the school internships but he devoted all his free time to his passion of looking for new tastes. He has gained experience in numerous catering facilities such as Stara Wozownia Restaurant in Lusowo, Italia Sapporito Restaurant in Włoski Hotel or in Park Poznań Hotel.


Ratuszova Restaurant has been for four years now on the list of the restaurants where he has acquired his experience. Adam has actively participated in a variety of courses e.g. molecular cuisine courses, numerous trainings with Łukasz Pustelnik – a business coach and was recognised in the international competition Trendy Chef. Despite his young age, his outstanding gift, creativity and involvement have been recognised and in 2013 he was promoted to the position of the under-chef.


Privately Adam is of the opinion that what makes a good cook, what inspires him and stimulates the senses, widens the horizons and creates opportunities for new contacts and new friends is nothing else but travelling. He uses any possible chance to discover the richness of the cuisines all over the world. To be fit and in good mood he does the physical exercises and practices boxing, which helps him relax.